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Page 343: Current Addiction (Part 20)

/ Friday, March 24, 2017 /
I like a song about love that doesn't have the word love in it but it's still powerful. 7 Hari Menuju Semesta by Melancholic Bitch is that kinda song. I heard their songs the first time yeaarssss ago. Since then, Balada Joni dan Susi has been one of my favorite concept albums.

I had this urge to listen Menara yesterday. This urge is..more often than not..inexplicable. It's like a habit I don't fully understand. And I'd listen to that particular song over and over. I remembered I gave Balada Joni and Susi CD to my good friend when he moved to Washington DC, but before that I copied all songs. But I think I lost them when I was repairing my old laptop. I tried to find Menara on the internet, but all I could find was the live version, which I could enjoy but didn't want that time. But I still have 7 Hari Menuju Semesta and Mars Penyembah Berhala on my laptop. So I listened to them and decided to put 7 Hari on repeat.

Thank you, Ugoran Prasad. For writing a love song in indonesian, beautifully, tastefully, far from cheesy weezy. You're not the only one and the first, but still, thank you. Oh, and I love your voice.

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