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Page 347: Finding a Feather

/ Tuesday, April 4, 2017 /
Woke up this morning and found this tiny feather on the floor next to my bed. Kinda odd. I live on the 19th floor and there was no bird has entered my apartment. And I swept the floor at 8ish last night. Maybe the wind brought it here after that.

But maybe it's like..what some people say about finding a feather..that it's a positive omen that your calls have been heard and answered. 

Whether it's the wind or the omen, it made me smile. It made me happy. I still am happy.

I guess I wouldn't have been that happy if the night before I didn't go to bed with this..sadness and felt overwhelmed with many things and prayed really hard to the Almighty to get a little piece of serenity again. 

And I wouldn't be this happy if I didn't feel relieved a few hours ago when I realized that...I have let some circus and monkeys go. I used to think they're mine. I used to think they're precious. Now I know I was just one of the audience and it's time for me to leave the circus. It was a good show, though. Those monkeys were pretty entertaining. But that's it. 

And that's that.


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