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Page 349: On Leaving

/ Sunday, April 30, 2017 /
Some say that leaving is easier than staying. I say, it depends. Sometimes it’s harder. It takes strength, courage, determination even. And it doesn’t always about running away or abandonment. It could be the gesture of trusting; to have faith in ourselves and in everything that we left behind, that they will be fine, and we will be too.

Everything..including people. Especially people, a set of hardest factor to walk away from. But it’s odd yet amazing how big and flexible a heart can be, to adjust and provide some space where we can mention names of those we have left, hoping that they will be okay.

As a person who’d care for people as long as I can sense that they still want me in their life, leaving is more about giving them some piece of serenity.

There's a little spark of sadness somewhere in my chest, of course.
But no resentment so far. 
No thorny fence will be built by me to keep them away, but I won't create a new path as well to reach out to them.

It’s my kind of non-zero-sum game farewell.
The final bellyache*.
It's inevitable.
And it is what it is.



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