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Page 18: They Can Be Pain in the ass, but...

/ Thursday, December 23, 2010 /
 photo courtesy: www.detik.com

I know Mikrolet drivers can be pain in the ass, most of the time.

I hate them when they driving wildly. I hate them when they “ngetem”, waiting for passengers and spend a long...long...looo-ooong time in one place, causing traffic jam. I hate them when I want to cross the street, instead of giving me chance like, 10 seconds (?) they speed-up like they want to hit me.

I hate them for many reasons...

But still, it was odd watching a person who owns a fancy car like Mercedes, or BMW, asked a mikrolet driver to pay the damage when a little crash happened between them. I witnessed it on one day. Don’t they usually have car insurance? Those reach people... I mean, when you’re that rich and can afford that kind of car, you also have money to maintain it and prepare for the worst, right?

It’s just a little scratch. Yes, I know it’s gonna be expensive. And perhaps that mikrolet driver was the one to blame. And I definitely don’t know how it feels to find flaws on my luxurious car. But, oh, how do I say this.. That fancy car probably worth 10 times the mikrolet, or more. I assumed the same scale for spare part, service, and repair. How could you asked someone with a much much much lower income than you, pay for the entire bill? I’m not saying that they can runaway from their responsibilty, but  you can give them a little “mercy”. I don’t know, that sight, it’s..just..weird.. A little. But weird, still… Tsk..


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