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Page 22: Seeds of Happiness

/ Tuesday, December 28, 2010 /
There were times when you think that life’s a bitch. When everything falling apart. When everything didn’t work the way you want it. When you think you’d searched happiness everywhere but you failed. You couldn’t find it. And somehow agony, despair, and anger found you. Offering companionship you’ve always wanted from happiness..

And it’s ok. It really is. Those feelings could bring lots of..inspirations to create something; writings, drawings, paintings, or conceptual photograph, etc. It’s ok to hang out with them. But don’t spoil them too much. I’m afraid they’ll turn into this horrible tyrant inside of you.

And I do agree with Roman Muradov, “some people are more cheerful than others, it’s far more absurd to treat one’s character and emotional state as a sort of sickness. “ But in the other hand, I also believe that the seeds of happiness actually stay within every soul. You just have to give the right treats so it’ll grow. Give them chance to grow.

I may not be the luckiest girl in the world who always gets anything I want, thus I never feel sad. I’m not Poppy in Happy Go Lucky who look like she just had tons of marijuana, most of the time. *I love that movie, by the way. “En-ra-haaa.. En-ra-haaa” xD

But I know when agony appears in a form of this gentle and caring friend who let you spill everything through anything. And I also know that life and time never give a chance for something to become eternal: that friendship, between you and agony won’t last forever. That friendship becomes weirder; sometimes agony ask too much of your attentions..

That’s when I need simple things which I called “happiness triggers”. Just by look, smell, listen or taste them, seeds of happiness within me reacts.. And I smile..

It’s in a cup of warm coffee. It’s in the sight of a dusk (I wanna use the word “twilight”, but I’m afraid people think I’m talking about that crappy movie). It’s in the scent of a book (me like sniffing it..hmm..). It’s in my nieces’ and nephew’s smile when they see me. It’s in the songs from my favorite musicians. It’s in the sound that came out when my father plays harmonica. It’s in my mother’s voice when she told me stories about my family. It’s in the scent of vanilla and white musk. It’s in the “I miss you” note, or text, someone sent to me (of course not from the annoying one). It’s in the chocolate. It’s in the blueberry. It’s in the cheese. It’s in the ice cream. It’s in the drizzle that pouring down from the sky while I'm in my room. It’s in the Album Donal Bebek. It’s in the blog of this one smart-funny-good-taste-in-music guy. It’s in a pair of my old converse shoes..

Yeah.. those are my triggers.. Maybe you can start to write yours, too..


Inspired by someone who once, asked where’s happiness..


{ ikeyuliamartha } on: December 28, 2010 at 5:40 PM said...

music (songs), coffee, vanilla, blueberry, ice cream----> give me 5 give me 5 :D :D

plus, the smell of soil when it rains :)

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