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Page 99: Road Trip Vietnam – Cambodia (part 2)

/ Monday, October 31, 2011 /

At the Old Market, you can find a lot of kind of food. Most of the restaurants and cafés there were nice and doesn’t set the price too high. After had a dinner, we headed back to hostel to get some rest. In the next morning, we discussed where we want to stay for that night. After searching through the web, we went to a hostel named “Home Sweet Home”.

Again we thanked to Lonely Planet which had gave us trusted review. Home Sweet Home was nice, just like most of the guest’s opinion. It gave us pretty nice and quite neat room with very affordable price: $2 per person per night. Lovely, isn’t it? We didn’t get the room with air condition, but the big fan that hanging on the roof kept us away from stale air and hot temperature at night. Although we didn’t set until it reached its maximum speed because Dinda thought it could make the fan fall off and might get us injured. At first I and Lia laughed, but at the end we all got a bit worried, so we agreed with Dinda. :p

Before we went to get some lunch, we asked the front officer about visiting Angkor Wat. From ticket price to which one is prettier: sunset or sunrise. The front officer gave us very useful information. Apparently we do not have to choose between sunset and sunrise because we can enjoy both! Don't think we should go at dawn and waited until sunset or to purchase tickets for two days. You can enjoy the phenomenon by paying a ticket for one day only. As you buy a ticket on the day, then enjoy the sunset. The next day, you can re-visit Angkor without having to buy a new ticket. Regulations allow you to buy tickets in the afternoon which can still be used on the next day before sunset.

with dinda on the tuk-tuk
That afternoon we decided to go to Angkor and watch the sunset, after visited Old Market to buy some souvenirs. By using a tuk-tuk which we paid $ 1 per person, we got there at 5 pm, waiting in line to buy tickets for US$ 20. When purchasing tickets, you will be photographed so that tickets can’t be transferred - unless you have a twin.

cambodian leather puppet
The journey from the entrance gate to inside of the site was pretty far. There are some tourists who chose to use bicycles. While waiting for the sunset, we went around and see Angkor Wat, the main and largest temple in the Angkor region. We weren’t exploring all the areas because of its width. *gotta save some energy, dude.

finally! Angkoor! :D

Some of the monks passed, we stopped them and asked to take pictures with two of them. Towards dusk, we found the best spot to watch the sunset. We then sat in the courtyard of a small temple. And the magic began. The blue sky slowly turned to yellow, then turned into an elegant gold. When it was slowly becoming purple hue, we suddenly heard a choir of crickets. It's like they were embracing and celebrating the phenomenon. Such a soothing unification. Beautiful. Enchanting...

with the monks

waiting for the sun to set

 After that, we did silly photo shoot. :p

  • When entering the gate of Angkor Wat, there are some people who offer guests to burn incense and pray at one of the statues. This is not a tradition. Later you will be asked to pay a little money. You should be careful.
  • For those who want to be photographed on horseback in front of one of the small temple in the court, could find locals who offer these services. I do not know about the cost. It seems very exciting, though.
  • Some hostels have the services of a tuk-tuk to take you to visit Angkor and around Siem Reap. Based on my experience, the hostel offered a cheaper cost. Try to ask its front officer about the service.
[To be continued…]


{ Galuh Sitompul } on: October 31, 2011 at 9:55 PM said...

asikkkk ih baca pas bagian liat sunsetnya huhuyyyyy... enak kali yah kalo nunggu sunset disitu sambil ciuman (?). Ini pasti lanjutannya baru taun depan kayanya. *kembali duduk kaleeemmm..* :D

{ hertiana dwi putri } on: November 1, 2011 at 9:32 AM said...

hahahaha. asal jangan keasikan ciuman terus tau2 dah malem... serem wa' :))

hehe. ini diusahakan secepatnya kok gal untuk part 3 nya :p

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