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Page 172: Transgender

/ Tuesday, September 18, 2012 /
I still remember that day clearly. She was looking at me, put a bitter smile and said, “I envy you. Well, basically I envy everyone that born without the needs to change their sex.” And she laughed. I didn’t. I smiled, though. A smile; the easiest form of sympathy for her, a transgender I've interviewed when I was still a college student. She told me her story, her thoughts, and her efforts to fit in the society. It was heart breaking. Devastating.

It’s devastating... 
...when you think you are trapped in a wrong body.
...when people call you names.
...when your closest circle, your beloved ones, force you to become somebody else but you. 
...when people look at you with disgust when you are walking in front of them.
...to know that people could judge you easily and shuts your chance to prove that you’re so much more than flesh and blood. That you’re actually smart, kind, and capable of so many things.
...to wonder whether someday you will be able to find someone who could love you for your soul or not.
...to grow up with this particular thoughts or verdict, that jobs which available for you are menial ones…and degrading.
...how this so-called ‘normal’ society, won’t leave you alone in peace just because you’ve decided to change your physical appearance, your private parts, because you want to make yourself feel complete.

Can you blame them if they became full of hate and suspicious? 
Treat them nice, please...

You never know it 
My peace of mind 
My inside and outside are matching

- Elephant Woman, Blonde Redhead-

This is Calpernia Addams, a spokesperson and activist for transgender rights and issues.
She's cool.


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