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Page 210: Confuzzled Part 2

/ Monday, March 11, 2013 /
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This Equation:
Getting drunk in front of public + bragging that you love it through every social media you have + proud with those pictures of you vomiting or passed out in the street = you’re a cool person.
I just don’t get it. No, it’s nothing to do with religion or I try to look like a good straight edge girl with halo on top of my head. It’s okay if you want to make fun of those moments, but when you’re overdoing it, I just don’t get it.

The way some people think that:
- Sexuality is contagious. Thought like “don’t hang out with homosexuals, or you will turn into one in the future” is just plain ridiculous. 
- Is okay to be a homophobic because all gay will try to seduce or rape you just because you have the same-sex like them. Err…how about…no! *Dr. Evil style
- Homosexual = pedophile. Ask google, people. Ask Wikipedia. Those two are different things.

A person that thinks reading fiction books is wasting time and not as cool as reading nonfiction books. Once, I had to face this silly question, “why do you like reading fictions? It has no use for you, don’t you think? Only sells dreams. Better read something useful like Koran interpretation, or non-fiction that can make you smarter”. And lucky him, I was generous enough at that time to explain my point of view rather than assuming that he wouldn’t give a shit unless I throw or burn all fiction books in my book shelves. I told him that I also read non-fiction, I just think that I don’t have any obligation what so ever to make a daily report to him. And about his thoughts of fictions, I told him that yes, it contains dreams. But not only dreams, it also has wisdom, ideas, and lessons in it. Let’s see it this way, if non-fiction book were a road that can lead you to a place where enlightenment is waiting at the end of it, you can see pretty nice view on your way there. Just so-so view, still nice, but nothing mesmerizing. With fiction books, you can find tons of interesting-jaw-dropping things to watch, listen, and touch and at the end of the road you will find the same treasure. That knowledge, brilliant thoughts, everything you need to make yourself to be smarter. Also, every innovation born from dreams, thus what’s so wrong about read bundle of dreams and imagination if it can trigger you to create something real and useful? But after he listened to my opinion, he just left me with smirk on his face and said that he didn't understand my train of thought. I guess we agree to disagree.


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