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Page 242: Pardon?

/ Saturday, August 24, 2013 /
Read this piece of an article posted by Jakarta Globe, and tell me...please tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks that the plan is totally ridiculous.

A plan by the Education Agency of Prabumulih, South Sumatra, to include virginity tests as part of its high school admission requirements has drawn the ire of legislators and education experts, who say that such an exam is a violation of personal space and an obstruction to a student’s right to an education.

H.M. Rasyid, the chief of Prabumulih’s Education Agency, told the Indonesian news portal kompas.com on Monday that increasing instances of premarital sex and prostitution among female students prompted the move.

“We’re planning on conducting virginity tests for senior high school students,” Rasyid said. “We have proposed it in the 2014 regional budget.”

Err…Pardon? What? Hah?
Sorry sir...but could you please explain it to me with some reliable research…what’s the correlation between morality and virginity?

O, and I also found an article about MUI agreed to that plan and encourages the government to make a policy about it because MUI thinks it prevents students from putridity. How about making a policy to prevent corruption and imbecility among politicians instead?

And why are you planning it only for FEMALE students?

Fuckin’ stupid misogynysts.


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