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Page 244: Social Media and Friends

/ Tuesday, September 3, 2013 /
It’s been a while since I really read people’s tweets on my timeline. Weird. I’m a social media officer but I don’t really care about my own account. I did, a few years ago, when twitter was still a new “toy” for me. I even “abandoned” facebook for a bit because I thought twitter was simpler; a simple tool you use to share things with your friends.

Or to brag, sometimes.

It’s funny to remember how some people whom I followed used to be close with me in real life. Now some of them are just names in my timeline. Suddenly or gradually, we just stopped hanging out.

I know most of them weren’t planning it, and I’ve never had intention to do that as well. Maybe as time goes by, as each of us gets older, we realized that hang out with people you don’t really want to be with is just…waste of time. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve never really liked to mingle and socialize with people because I have a mission to make people to know me as friendly-fun-charming person (of course it’s different when it comes to…say…get a job :D ). And it’s always organic, isn’t it? I mean, have you ever targeted a person to be your friend even before you meet that person just because your friend has been telling you good stuff about this person? I haven’t.

I grew bonds with my close friends just by accident. Like I found out that we read the same stuff, laugh at the same jokes, listen to the same music, or because of simple things…because they’re nice and genuine people.

But lately it was so easy for me to unfriend/unfollow some people because they post or tweet stuff I considered as irritating. I used to ignore or give comments, but now it seems easier for me to just unfriend them. Maybe I’m just tired and think that it’s useless anyway to try to make them realize that, “hey, misogyny is not cool”, “Victim blaming is stupid”, or “Stop saying that Hitler did those contemptible things because he got inspired by Quran unless you can show me some reliable research. Don’t ask me to believe in those photos of soldiers do things like sholat because I know a friend who can do that kinda “magic”. (Recently he posted a photo of him hung out with Metallica in his tiny apartment. Hoax, definitely.) Nevertheless, even if it’s true, I still think that Hitler was a malevolent-fascist-massive-killer. So please don’t use religion to justify horrible things he did because it’s sickening as hell”.

But maybe those people also think that my posts and tweets are stupid or I’m a deviant so they have that urge to change me to be like them. So I think it’s a right thing to do for now? To detach from them and just hope that no one gets hurt? Maybe.

My friends they come
And the lines they go by
Tonight I'm gonna rest my chemistry


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