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Page 276: Sometimes (Part 28)

/ Friday, July 18, 2014 /
it’s better to be a little bit emotionally numb, or just be like “oh..hmm..yeah..whatever” (followed by a little shrug and smile) rather than over-thinking-and-analyzing every stimulus that comes to you. Except for good jokes..or amiability..or kindness.. You can't resist them. You simply just can't. You'll respond to them, although sometimes, maybe not enthusiastically.

Maybe it's something that will happen to you after facing several exhausting occurrences that can drain your energy. The kind of chaos makes you feel like you need a loooong rest. You tend to take it easy and just give less of a shit for almost everything that need you to be emotionally attached or expressive.

The after-the-storm syndrome.
(Yeah i made that up. There's no such thing called ATSM)


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