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Page 277: My First DIY Tutorial

/ Friday, July 18, 2014 /
Wee-hee-heeee..just realized that my blog has been visited more than 100,000 times! I know it doesn’t mean that 100,000 people have come to my blog and read every random thing that I posted, haha, but according to Flag Counter, people from 156 countries have visited my site, so I’m happy for it. Thank you friends and strangers!

Anyway, a few weeks ago my boss gave me 2 rolls of masking tape. Or washi tape. Actually I still can’t tell the difference between just masking tape with nice color and washi tape. Haha. (I have a regular masking tape, it’s not as pretty as tapes from my boss, but when I touch it, the surface feels like washi tape too). But let’s call it washi anyway so I’ll look like a real crafter. :D

And then on one lazy Sunday, I had this idea to decorate my so-affordable-yet-cute lamp that I bought from IKEA with those washi tapes. SGD $5 people! God bless you, dear IKEA! Actually I liked the simplicity of it. It’s all white with scandinavian design. I don’t really like things with patterns – unless the pattern is really pretty, still I prefer stuff with plain nice color. The best thing of decorating stuff with masking/ washi tape is that it’s repositionable and removable for when you get tired of it.

Since it’s the first DIY tutorial I made, pardon me if the pictures are kind of shitty.

Ok, so you need:
1. Tapes
2. Lamp shade (obviously). Plain single colored one.
3. Scissors
4. Cutter

First, decide what kind of pattern you want. You don’t have to draw it, just imagine and predict and measure it a little. I didn’t draw or measure. Haha. Remember, washi tape is removable. I decided to go with simple chevron(ish) pattern. If you want to have like complex pattern, then you need ruler and pencil.
Start with the long lines first.

Use cutter to trim off the edges for top of the shade. You don’t have to do this for the bottom part, just drag the tape until it passes through the bottom edge of the shade, and stick it on the inner surface.

Move to the next round. This part is a bit tricky, but it’s still pretty easy. Make two lines from tape, stick the edges together, but don’t stick them to the surface of the shade. After you get the triangle shape,
trim it off with scissors.

And..done! When you put the shade back to the handle, you can see the edges of tapes arranged nicely.

Voila! This is how it looks like when i turn it on!

I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful.


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