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Page 278: Little Things, Little Moments

/ Monday, July 21, 2014 /
My good friend once said that the key to not lose your mind in Jakarta – this crazy city somehow has the power to drain your energy, trust me – is to appreciate the little moments, and to lower your expectation. Somehow I agreed, because those points are doable, although the second point is kinda hard if you’re an optimist or an avid dreamer.

But appreciating little moments isn't that hard. It’s a choice anyway. It’s a will. You choose your little adventure; people you want to spend time with, places to go, food to eat, jokes to share, etc. I had fun last weekend. I went to my parents’ house, spent a few hours with my nieces, took my mom to see her therapist and she looked motivated, celebrated my best friend’s birthday, eat not-so-healthy-but-damn-it’s-yummy breakfast (cold leftover birthday cake+wafer+mash 'em together=heaven!), and went to a friend's place for breakfasting with some old friends, and I chose to take pictures of pretty little things I found during the weekend that somehow make me smile every time I see them.

So how’s your weekend?


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