Breathe, keep breathing. Don't lose your nerve" -

Page 304: Sometimes (part 32)

/ Sunday, November 29, 2015 /
Hope will always be this elusive captivating vortex for her
– some kind of gate that can drag anyone to an enigmatic realm where reality can kill dreams in a heartbeat and serves them on a plate to feed each damaged starving soul.

She weaves the safety net to keep her away from it, even from its gleam.
She has preserved memories in a jar where she can taste a few drops of mirth when she needs it 
– the timidity that helps her to survive.

Sometimes, she closes her eyes as her heart whispers to an image of him, 
“You will always be a ghost flickering behind my eyelids when I sleep*. 
You're the myth I chose to keep.”

*from a prose written by Kriz of jktxnyc


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