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Page 354: Sometimes (part 34)

/ Monday, May 8, 2017 /
Attended a wedding a few days ago. And as I predicted, people asked why I’m still single. I shrugged, as usual, and put a chagrined smile. I predicted too, that some of them would say that it’s because I have a good job. Too good for women. It makes me look too independent. Men would feel intimidated. And as usual, I replied “oh what a win-win solution then! Because I don’t want to be with a guy who feels intimidated by my achievements either. He can have his own thing. I can have mine.”

More often than not, I smile afterward. But that time I was too tired. Physically. Emotionally. So I let them see my resting bitch face. I let them see I was being serious with my statement. That every cell in my body was annoyed. Annoyed with this society that considers small talk like that is acceptable. That considers men have to be superior. That considers women as tools to feed their ego.

Sometimes, the way they worship some fallacy exhausts me.


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