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Page 355: On Amazing Quirky Brutally Honest People

/ Tuesday, May 9, 2017 /
Look, life isn’t always nice to me, but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing quirky brutally honest people who make this life more colorful and bearable. Like this one.

She’s one of the toughest bitches I know. We met more than a decade ago. And o boy, I forgot how many times she laughed at my problems. Ha. But she has this ability to make me laugh at my problems as well. She was there when I was at my lowest. She didn’t judge me when I did stupid things. We had fights, we argued, but I know she’ll be there when I need her help or support. Vice versa.

She’ll stay with people as long as they still want her in their life. The same value I hold tightly.

She’s a drama queen who told me to be brave to break my own heart, but also the one who pulled me back to reality and be whole again when everything has been said and done.

There’s a nice..enlightenment..sorta..after I talked to her the last time. About how I felt for this person. Maybe I did fall, maybe I didn’t. Maybe I just wanted a story after not having one for so long. But the enlightenment was..it doesn’t really matter anyway right now. What’s done is done. Another lesson, another story, another series of bitter sweet fleeting moments. Life goes on and so do we. 

I’m glad I have her and other amazing quirky brutally honest friends in my life. And to you, who read this, I hope you have this kinda people in your life too. I really do. :)


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