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Page 287: Simple DIY Project This Weekend: Create Your Own Cutting Sticker

/ Monday, September 8, 2014 /
As I mentioned in the other post, the best thing of decorating stuff with masking/ washi tape is that it’s repositionable and removable for when you get tired of it. Yesterday, after exhausting week meeting people for work and some freelance project, I decided to spend my afternoon in my room playing with masking tape and create my own cutting sticker for my box. I wasn’t feeling very well too that afternoon, so it’s a good time to recharge myself.

1. Things you need:
A. Tape
B. Tracing/ Parchment Paper
C. Scissors
D. Pen

2. Draw an image on the tracing paper. I drew a deer head shape. You can also search an image on internet, print it out, and place it down on a piece of tracing/ parchment paper. If there is a side of the paper you prefer to use for creating washi tape appliqu├ęs, you want the image to be taped onto that side.

3-4. Cover the side of the paper with strips of overlapping tape. Start from the point where you will peel once the sticker is ready to be used.

5. Take scissors, carefully cut around the traced outline of the image.

6. Carefully peel the image off of the paper backing and stick to the surface of the desired thing.

And done! :)

Page 286: Loner

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“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude.
It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”

- Jodi Picoult, My Sister Keeper


Page 285: Simple DIY project this weekend: Recycled Bottle Spoon/Fork Holder

/ Sunday, August 10, 2014 /
Moving to a smaller place is not as easy as moving to a bigger one. No, seriously, I’ve experienced it a few months ago. I had to remove some things or brought them to my parents’ home, like a few mugs and utensils, so my room, the bathroom and that tiny-supposed-to-be-multifunction room won’t look like a Shelob’s nest (if you’ve seen/read Lord of the Ring, you know what I mean).

I put my small dish rack and a few plates in the shared kitchen (on the 1st floor of the building I live in), but keep my cutlery in my room, because it’s easier if I want to eat in my room (which, FYI, is on the 4th floor).

I used to keep my spoon and fork in a box where I also keep my CDs and DVDs. Yep, I didn’t have a spoon/fork holder and kept forgetting to buy it. But one day, I bought a bottle of juice and decided to keep the bottle. I soaked it in a hot water for 10 minutes to remove the label and glue, washed it, and put a silver string around its neck. Voila! I have a spoon/fork holder now.

You can also use it as a vase or..go to pinterest for some enlightenment. Haha.


Page 284: Crime (,Insanity) and Punishment

/ Saturday, August 9, 2014 /
Sometimes insanity and reality are inseparable.

From Jakarta Globe:
Antara reported that the couple, whom police have identified as identified as M.D. and D., told the police that they killed for sexual gratification.
Bengkalis Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Andry Wibowo was quoted by Indonesian news portal Detik.com that the couple would search for a victim before they had sex. They would lure the victim with a promise of money, he said.
“The suspects admitted that they killed by strangling the victim until the victim died. Afterward they cut off the victim’s genitals,” Andry said. “After killing and mutilating the victim, they had sexual intercourse.”

I watched news today about this mutilation case, and somehow I agree with forensic psychologist Reza Indragiri that:

1. We should see and treat these perpetrators as people with no mental disorders first.
Because if law enforcement presumes that these people are crazy – although, yes, no “normal” people are capable of doing that kind of horrible thing – they can use it to justify their act and we will be like, “well, what can we do? They’re crazy”. The point is that these people raped, killed, and mutilated their victims. We have to punish them. I’m not saying that all people with mental illness will definitely hurt others. That’s a fallacy, obviously. But when they have committed crimes, when we’ve finally proved that they’re the culprits, they have to pay for it. Some people don't deserve a second chance.

2. Sexual assaults laws in Indonesia are weak and we need to change that. For example, the standard sentence for violation of Indonesia's child protection act (UU No 23 tahun 2002 Perlindungan anak) is 3 to 15 years. And for rape, maximum of seven years' criminal imprisonment for perpetrators (can we please just castrate these bad people?).

O boy, no wonder The Sydney Morning Herald once published an article calling Indonesia “A Paradise for Pedophiles”. Somehow it’s eerily true.

Page 283: Current Addiction (Part 16)

/ Friday, August 8, 2014 /

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